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Grand Island, NE -- Covered by Medicare -- 402-641-3176 or

I save older adults from missing out on the retirement they imagined by helping them to be STRONG and balanced so they are not limited by pain and immobility

Life is too short to avoid doing what you love. 
Want Nick to help you decide if outpatient physical therapy in the home is right for you?

If you are unsure if physical therapy is right for you or if you have not had a good experience in the past or if you just have questions, Nick would be happy to talk to you first to make sure you are a good fit.

If you have questions about availability or cost before booking an appointment just fill out this quick form to get more information about you and your situation and we'll be happy to determine if we are right for you.


For Medicare beneficiaries with supplemental insurance there is often no out-of-pocket expense!

Nick is offering free 20min consultations over an online video call. This is a great way to see what Nick can do for you. Fill out this quick form to get started. 


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Grand Island Seniors


Did you know Medicare pays for physical therapy in the comfort and safety of your home?


I am Nick Rech and I own Rech Physio, a mobile physical therapy service, in Grand Island specializing in helping older adults to live the retirement they imagined by helping them to be strong and resilient. I have a Doctorate in Physical therapy from the University of Delaware. I have practiced in multiple settings including Madonna Rehab hospital in Lincoln where I was on the stroke team.


With a background in strength and conditioning as well as athletic training, I am able to scale functional exercises to safely and appropriately challenge older adults to be strong enough to move better and have less pain to be able to keep doing the things they love.


I believe every older adult deserves to feel good and move well, if they choose to put in the work. They deserve to have the strength and mobility to keep doing the things they love whether it's playing with the grandkids, gardening or walking the Camino de Santiago Trail.


It's my goal to empower older adults to move and be active without being limited by pain or fear and to help them avoid unnecessary surgery and pain. Back pain and sciatica are common issues for many older adults but this can often be treated through specific movements. I take patients through a movement screen to identify which movements make them feel better or worse and focus on the ones that make them feel better.


Recently, I worked with an older gentleman who was convinced he would need back surgery for the nerve pain going down his leg. After 3 weeks of treatment, he had minimal pain and is now committed to exercising regularly to keep the pain from returning and he no longer thinks he will need surgery!


I’d like people to first think of going to their physical therapist if they have an ache or pain or other muscle issue because we can often help them to feel better without needing pain pills, imaging or surgery. X-rays and MRIs can be misleading and especially if the findings do not correlate with a physical examination. 80% of adults have some abnormality or degeneration in their spine but many do not have pain.


I want to help older adults live the retirement they imagined and continue to do the things they love to do by helping them to stay strong, balanced and mobile.


Older adults often begin to limit their activities to a larger extent than necessary as they age because of fear of falling, pain or because things become more difficult. This often doesn't have to be the case. A physical therapist can guide them in how to restore strength, balance and endurance to be able to continue to live active and fulfilling lives.


I come to the patient’s house for treatment and it is billed through Medicare like traditional outpatient therapy in a clinic.


So it's great for older adults who rely on others for transportation, find it safer to remain at home due to the pandemic, don't like the busy outpatient clinic or are limited by pain and immobility that make a trip to a clinic difficult.


For Medicare beneficiaries, this is covered by Medicare part B benefits and if they have supplemental insurance there is often no out of pocket cost.


This is also separate from home health so they do not have to be homebound.


A script from your doctor is not required prior to your initial evaluation. Once we complete the evaluation, I send the plan of care to your doctor or primary care provider for them to sign off on.


This is available to motivated older adults in the Grand Island and surrounding area. I also am available through telerehab to anyone in Nebraska using a secure video chat. To learn more and schedule an appointment call 402-641-3176.


I have been to several physical therapists in Grand Island and never seemed to improve much. I have had pain in my legs for several years and never seemed to know why. Nick asked me lots of questions about my pain and helped to find therapy that has made me feel better. He has worked much harder than others seemed to. They all did the same things which were not much help. I am much stronger since working with Nick and I do not hurt near as much. He really tries hard to help each person.

-Donna M.


It is very convenient for me that Nick comes to my house to do therapy with me. I have not felt safe to use a cane for a long time but as I work with Nick, I am starting to use a cane again and I am able to get around the house easier and feel more steady on my feet. I am also able to walk further down the sidewalk to be able to visit friends. Even my neighbors have noticed how much better I can get around. I am excited to make further improvements as I continue to work with Nick.

-Eileen I.


Physical therapy has helped me to be more sure of myself. It has been good to improve my balance and range of motion. I am able to lift more weight than I could before working with Nick. My stamina has improved greatly.

-Joyce L.

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