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Grand Island, NE -- Covered by Medicare -- 308-380-3544 or

We help active adults to reduce pain and improve their strength, balance and mobility so they don't miss out on doing things they love.

Life Is Too Short To Avoid Doing What You Love 

I want you to think back to those few years before you retired. What did you imagine?


  • Traveling the world 

  • Spoiling your grandkids 

  • Growing a fruitful garden 

  • Exploring your newfound freedom 


We know these ideas sound familiar. You may have even given up on a few of them. We’re here to show you those goals are well within your reach. All you have to do is give us a call and we will build a roadmap to enjoying retirement the way you imagined.

Let's Get You Back On Track! 

Here's Our Process:


Step 1: Listen to your story 

Before we create a plan for you. It's important to understand your story and meet you wherever you're at. 


Step 2: Get Moving 

Now that we have a roadmap, we'll work to get your body more balanced and resilient. 


Step 3: Maintain Momentum

As you approach your goals, we will create a game plan so you can continue getting stronger and take off on your own terms!

Why Choose Rech Physio?

  1. We come to you. We provide outpatient physical therapy in the comfort and privacy of your own home for those in Grand Island and surrounding areas. 
  2. Personalized Treatment Plans. We recognize that every person is unique, and their rehabilitation needs vary.  When you choose Rech Physio, you can expect an individualized, thorough assessment to understand your medical history, current physical condition, and personal goals. Based on this information, our therapists work closely with you to develop customized treatment plans that are research-based and address your specific concerns and promote optimal recovery.  
  3. Expertise in Adult 65+ Rehabilitation: Our highly skilled physical therapists have extensive experience in guiding adults 65+ through their rehabilitation journey, especially related to functional strength and balance and reduction of joint and back pain and treatment after stroke. This experience allows us to tailor rehabilitation programs that focus on maximizing functionality and improving overall quality of life while navigating the challenges and complexities associated with these issues.

  4. Compassionate and Supportive Care: We recognize the unique challenges and concerns, both physically and emotionally, faced by individuals dealing with pain, injuries, or physical limitations. Our therapists actively listen to your experiences, concerns and goals to establish a therapeutic alliance built on trust and clear communication. Our care extends beyond the physical aspects of rehabilitation to address your overall quality of life, promoting resilience, motivation, and a positive mindset throughout the healing journey. This approach involves fostering a collaborative relationship where you feel heard, understood, and actively involved in your care. This patient-centered approach contributes significantly to a sense of empowerment, making the rehabilitation process more effective and enriching.        

  5. Fitness Forward Care: Beyond addressing immediate rehabilitation needs, we emphasize the cultivation of enduring wellness. This means helping patients develop sustainable fitness habits and lifestyle adjustments including nutrition choices and exercise routines. Our therapists work collaboratively with you to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to take charge of your physical well-being, promoting longevity, resilience, and a develop a proactive stance towards health. 

  6. Acceptance of Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medica Insurance Plans: We believe that when you pay for insurance, you should be able to use it. We can assist you with insurance billing and any questions you may have regarding your coverage.

What People Are Saying:

I have been to several physical therapists in Grand Island and never seemed to improve much. I have had pain in my legs for several years and never seemed to know why. Nick asked me lots of questions about my pain and helped to find therapy that has made me feel better. He has worked much harder than others seemed to. They all did the same things which were not much help. I am much stronger since working with Nick and I do not hurt near as much. He really tries hard to help each person.

-Donna M.


It is very convenient for me that Nick comes to my house to do therapy with me. I have not felt safe to use a cane for a long time but as I work with Nick, I am starting to use a cane again and I am able to get around the house easier and feel more steady on my feet. I am also able to walk further down the sidewalk to be able to visit friends. Even my neighbors have noticed how much better I can get around. I am excited to make further improvements as I continue to work with Nick.

-Eileen I.


Physical therapy has helped me to be more sure of myself. It has been good to improve my balance and range of motion. I am able to lift more weight than I could before working with Nick. My stamina has improved greatly.

-Joyce L.

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