I have been to several physical therapists in Grand Island and never seemed to improve much. I have had pain in my legs for several years and never seemed to know why.

Nick asked me lots of questions about my pain and helped to find therapy that has made me feel better.

He has worked much harder than others seemed to. They all did the same things which were not much help.

I am much stronger since working with Nick and I do not hurt near as much. He really tries hard to help each person.


Nick has been very good and has helped me be able to stay home. I can do a lot more now than before.


It is very convenient for me that Nick comes to my house to do therapy with me. I have not felt safe to use a cane for a long time but as I work with Nick, I am starting to use a cane again and I am able to get around the house easier and feel more steady on my feet.

I am also able to walk further down the sidewalk to be able to visit friends. Even my neighbors have noticed how much better I can get around.

I am excited to make further improvements as I continue to work with Nick.


I have struggled with foot pain for years, I am very active and on my feet all day and would be miserable at the end of the day. I had invested a lot of money over the years in shoes and orthotics. I had tried everything.

Nick did an evaluation and was very thorough and provided a treatment plan. Now I am finally pain-free! 

In the big picture, I have saved a lot of money and my feet feel great! 

Highly recommend Rech Physio!


Nick is very caring, compassionate and knowledgeable in both physical therapy and nutrition. My husband is a cancer patient and he helped him with his back pain as well as a healthy food plan. Highly Recommended!

-Linda (telehealth)

Being a landscaper, I've had back issues on and off since I started, even though I'm not very old, and now sitting at a desk most of the day has created new problems. I would wake up and be able to barely move. Nick gave me some simple tips/exercises that I could do at my desk every day and other things to help me at night. I've been doing what he's told me for about a month and it's made a tremendous difference. I have fewer mornings where I wake up in pain, and I can sit for longer periods of time without getting uncomfortable. Thanks, Nick!

-Sam (telehealth)

I had terrible foot pain and went to Nick and asked him for help. He gave me some stretches to do and put a lift in my shoes. Thanks to him for all his help. I can get through a 12 hour day now without my heel hurting!


I have been having hip pain (forever) and some lower back pain (recently). I would need to pop my hips 3-4 times a day and most definitely before I could fall asleep; and even then, the discomfort would wake me up in the middle of the night forcing me to roll over to the other side to sleep, and then that process would repeat itself multiple times throughout the night. After explaining everything to NIck, he gave me multiple exercises to do--all very simple and easy to do. Now I very rarely have any pain or discomfort in my hips, and I don't wake up in the night from a "soreness" in my hips which allows me to sleep so much better. Overall, it was such a great experience--I would HIGHLY recommend Rech Physio.

-Katie (telehealth)

I went to physical therapy because I was having lower back pain I was 16 weeks pregnant when I started physical therapy. Nick was very friendly and caring listening to me explain where I was hurting etc. I was taught several stretches and exercises to help my back pain. I did telehealth PT sessions where I could do the physical therapy from home, it was so great because I also have a four-year-old and she could just play in our living room, while I did my therapy. After doing physical therapy my back pain has improved so much and I can finally really start to enjoy my pregnancy without being in pain!

-Holly (telehealth)

As someone that sits by a computer most of the day, I started to have some lower back issues. Nick guided me through some exercises, and after about a week or so of doing them, I definitely felt a noticeable difference in my lower back.

-Chad (telehealth)

A few years ago I injured my shoulder while playing slow pitch softball. The injury made it uncomfortable to throw and swing a bat while playing. I played with the discomfort for almost a year before consulting with Dr. Rech. He was very thorough in his process to find out as much and he could about my injury and how it had been affecting me. He gave me several exercises that were easy to perform at home. After just a month or two of performing the exercises, I was feeling much less discomfort and was throwing and swinging more strongly. Thank you, Dr. Rech!

-Elliot (telehealth)

Started a new lifting program to where I was having shoulder pain anytime I needed to raise my arm. Nick gave me a couple of positions to do so he could figure out what was wrong with me. Ended up being one single tendon! So specific. He then gave me stretches to do that I now do before every workout and my pain has significantly been reduced and am able to enjoy my workouts like normal. He was quick and did a great job educating me on what to do.

-Allison (telehealth)

I started seeing Dr.Rech for a sciatic nerve issue. With a very physical job, it was very painful to go to work every day let alone get through the daily routine. We started with simple, effective, and easy to do stretches throughout the day to relieve pain and pressure. Within days I was feeling better, and after a few weeks back to my normal self. I highly recommend his services and appreciate what he has done for me.

-Jared (telehealth)