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Strength and Balance Class

Fitness. Together.

We meet you where you're at. Whether you have never stepped foot in a gym or want to get back into the habit after a long time away, we guide you towards getting the most out of your retirement.

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 Live The Retirement You Imagined

After just 4 weeks of training with us you will start to notice improvements in your: 

  • Strength 

  • Balance 

  • Endurance 

  • Confidence 

  • Mood


How is this possible?


Our class is built around 3 principles: 

  1. Embrace our community 

  2. Challenge yourself 

  3. Have fun 


That's all you have to worry about! The rest is taken care of by Nick, the coach/doctor of physical therapy.



If you are ready to live stronger and live longer, come check out our strength and balance class. Best part is... The first class is FREE to try!  



When: Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:15am 


Where: CrossFit GI 


411 S. Webb Rd. Grand Island, NE 68803  



First class is FREE -- It's a no-brainer. See you there! 



What to Expect at Class

Class is 45min long.

10-15min dynamic warm up with various body weight movements and some balance exercises to get things moving.

5-10min workout instruction. Nick
 demonstrates the movements in the workout and helps with member technique prior to starting the workout.

8-15min workout: There is
 a wide variety of equipment and movements that can be incorporated in this section. Typically, there will be 2-4 movements in the workout for the day and Nick makes sure everyone is doing them correctly as we go along. If at any point, you have pain or trouble with a movement, members are encouraged to ask for help so we can adjust things to make the workout successful and enjoyable for you.

5min ball game. We'll do various games to work on balance and coordination.

5min stretching.

High Five. We're Done!

Meet The Coach

The alphabet soup behind my name just means I've had a lot of training and am a  specialist when it comes to helping people move better. 

I started out as an athletic trainer and have experience working with Division 1 collegiate football, gymnastics and track. As a physical therapist,  I have helped hundreds of older adults become more fit, healthy, and engaged in life.  I also have a strength and conditioning certification and CrossFit certificate.   


"The needs of the older adult and Olympic athlete differ by scale, not by type." 

I think my experience has uniquely prepared me to serve older adults by bringing the same strength and conditioning principles used for athletes to folks 55+ but at a level they can manage. If you stand up from a chair, that's a squat. If you pick something heavy up from the floor, that's a deadlift. So if you want to continue to do stuff like that well into your later years, its a good idea to train those movements and train them correctly.

We can get away with not taking great care of our bodies when we are younger. But for most people, once the 50-60’s and beyond start rolling around, that health we took for granted is not going to be there unless we are intentional about it. 


That means training your: 

  • Strength 

  • Balance 

  • Endurance 

  • Coordination 


As a physical therapist, I've seen many people wait until they are very deconditioned and weak before seeking help. Don't be that person. You can improve at any age. Yes, these improvements can take longer as you age, but they can still occur.  


Sure there is some discomfort with exercise at times. But there's also a lot of discomfort with giving up things you like to do or losing your independence because you don't have the strength, balance or endurance anymore.


"It’s not just about how long you live. It’s about the quality of that time. Live Stronger. Live Longer." 

The group we have now is an awesome group of ladies who are all committed to improving their physical fitness. You’re gonna sweat a little bit but we also have fun! Men are welcome too! But so far none have been brave enough to try it. A supportive community is the backbone of this class. I want members enjoy and look forward to the challenges and fun every week. 

When: Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:15 am 


Where: CrossFit GI 


411 S. Webb Rd. Grand Island, NE 68803  


It's on the corner of Webb and Highway 30 on the south end of the Island Flooring building. 


Come give it a try. The first class is FREE! 

What Members are Saying

 As I have participated in this class for several months, not only am I physically stronger, more flexible... I experienced a large increase in physical energy and uplifted mood. My husband says he doesn't ever want me to quit, because exercising with this group makes me happy!
-Beth Stecker

Nick is an amazing coach and everything is geared to our own strengths and abilities.  This class has shown me that being strong and fit is so important as we age and that it is NEVER too late to start.
- Jenny McDermott

Nick's classes are so much more fun and valuable than going to a gym and lifting weights and trying to figure out what is best for you, Nick does it all for us.  
- Kathy Nonneman

Our instructor, Nick, is so patient, encouraging and helpful with teaching this class according to our abilities.  I never feel like I’m totally out of place, and this helps with my confidence to keep trying. 
- Kim Mettenbrink

I come to class to improve my balance, strength, weight and overall body. Having grandkids inspires me to get fit to keep up with them. I also like the atmosphere that is created with all the ladies working out together.
- Darla Heeren

Feel Like It's Time To Make A Change? 


New exercisers are given a warm welcome by the community and are quickly immersed in the fun. Don't worry, those of you who've taken long breaks from exercise are welcomed in just as well. 


We've found that the best fit for the Strength and Balance Class relates to at least one of these three things: 


  • You want to make a change in your health/fitness 

  • You don’t know where to start 

  • You need the support of an accountable community 


Do any of these sound like you?  


If so, come and see us for a FREE first session. There's no risk, only rewards. And if you find it's not for you, no worries. We'll still be here when you're ready to fully enjoy your retirement.


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