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See What People Are Saying...



“It is very convenient for me that Nick comes to my house to do therapy with me. I have not felt safe to use a cane for a long time but as I work with Nick, I am starting to use a cane again and I am able to get around the house easier and feel more steady on my feet. I am also able to walk further down the sidewalk to be able to visit friends. Even my neighbors have noticed how much better I can get around. I am excited to make further improvements as I continue to work with Nick.” -Eileen



“Before working with Nick, I continually felt "wobbly" and insecure while walking, especially for any significant length of space. My legs felt weak and I was afraid of falling. After working with Nick and the guided exercises, my legs felt so much stronger and I was much more secure--also much encouraged by my body's ability to gain strength no matter my age. Nick certainly earns a 5-star approval from me, especially for his willingness to go above and beyond to find solutions for one's physical well being. He has a fine balance between the professional reserve and being approachable." -Madelene


"Ever since Nick came to start the program, I've been able to get up out of my chair and do a few strengthening exercises which I needed really back because I have pain in both hips and the lower back I have arthritis of the spine. So he is doing some strengthening exercises with me which is very good. I've enjoyed him very much and I just want to continue to have him come as long as I can because I need that especially in the winter time when I'm not getting outside. I'm not doing the water exercises now and it's so easy just to sit down. So thank you, Nick, very much." -Gerri




Nick Rech, PT, DPT


Nick is a physical therapist specializing in helping older adults to live the retirement they imagined by helping them to be strong and resilient to be able to continue to do the things they love. Whether it's just being able to walk across the parking lot without getting so short of breath, getting up and down from the ground to be able to garden or being able to take that trip that you have been planning; Nick will guide you through movements and exercises that will keep you moving. The best part is there is no need to go to a clinic, the assessment is done in the comfort and safety of your home.

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